Marketing by numbers

Marketing by numbers

The analytical tools available to right-brained marketers today are outstanding. We can collect data, crunch numbers, bucket information, and package it all up neatly to meet personal and business goals.  It’s like a paint-by-numbers approach to problem solving, and it’s effective!

But is it the most effective?

Let’s look at a couple of our grandest achievements.

Think of St. Peter’s basilica in Rome. It’s an architectural, mathematical marvel but it also includes the awe-inspiring dome designed by the right-brain creative genius, Michelangelo.

Or think of the introduction of the iPhone – a technological miracle, designed in a beautiful, user-inspired, emotionally captivated package.

Both examples show the power of the analytical left and the creative right brains working collaboratively.

What if we took this collaborative left/right approach to all our marketing initiatives?

We could improve the effectiveness of our business strategies, our social media campaigns, our daily blogs and more. Lifting current paint-by-numbers marketing to the masterpiece marketing level.