Finding your advertising sweet spot with LinkedIn

We’re frequently asked where is the best bang for our social media advertising buck?  Is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn?  Of course, the answer to that depends on who you are targeting and what behavior you want to elicit.  One venue we think is often overlooked is LinkedIn.  For B2B companies this is where your target audience is most likely “hanging out”.  LinkedIn not only provides connection to your peers but also insightful information and ideas.  While on LinkedIn visitors are actively seeking connection and solutions.

In their latest guide, LinkedIn outlines 7 tricks and tactics that are the most effective when running an ad campaign on their platform. When followed, these 7 tactics resulted in 50% higher yield.

  1. Specifically call out your audience in your headline copy
    • 19% higher Click Thru Rate (CTR) and 53% higher conversion rate
  2. Keep your copy short and sweet (under 150 characters)
    • 18% boost in engagement rate
  3. Incorporate interesting stats into your copy
    • 37% higher CTR and 162% more impressions
  4. Send messages from a person rather than a company
    • 16% higher open rate, 10% higher CTR, 10% higher Conversion Ratio (CVR)
  5. Add relevant hyperlinks in the body text
    • 21% increase in CTR
  6. Keep your body copy concise, personal and relevant
    • 46% higher CTR
  7. Engage the profile image of the viewing member
    • 100% higher CTR and 100% higher CTR rate