Growing your business: 3 apps to support your networking

Are you wanting to get more leads or grow your business network, but are unsure which of the many social media apps will best focus your efforts? It can certainly be daunting – and overwhelming – as new social networking tools pop up regularly, and all promise success.

However, if you have limited time and want the most return on your social media investment, try these 3 apps to support your networking efforts:

#3: Happening

Happening is an app that lets you know about upcoming networking events near you. It can be a fantastic resource to make sure you stay in-the-know, and don’t miss opportunities to meet other professionals in your area.

#2: Rapportive

Rapportive is a sales navigator tool for Gmail. It links directly to LinkedIn profiles, and thus can give you information on your contacts and leads directly from your Gmail account.

And #1: LinkedIn

What we love about LinkedIn is its focus on businesses and professional networks. The LinkedIn community is enormous, and everything within the app is designed to help you connect with other professionals and industries, so that you in turn can grow your business.

Of course, these apps are only helpful if you understand the features and can find a way to use them regularly to your advantage. If you find you need help turning your social media profiles into powerful lead generators, connect with us!