Do you know where you’re going in 2018?

We do!

If you don’t know, you can determine it in short order. Take an hour and review…

  • what you did that worked and didn’t work in 2017.
  • then clarify what you learned.
  • lastly, define what you disliked doing and also what wasn’t a good use of your time.

We did this exercise, and here’s what we discovered from 2107:

Our clients felt good about their brands but also realized their communications and operations needed to be tightened up in order to leverage it. They needed our expertise. We were successful in doing that for our clients.

Hand in hand with that learning was that our top clients realized they were the best product or service providers in their space, but that few knew it. Again a communications challenge.

In summary, our clients in 2017 felt good about their brands but needed the creative thinking, planning, and executional expertise that they lacked internally to grow their businesses… and they knew it. They needed ideas on how to make their brands more established and more relevant (they needed to peacock their brand). And they needed plans that leveraged every activity they took on, compounding their efforts – like a sound investment strategy does. Compounding marketing efforts for most small-to-medium-sized businesses is not an option; it’s essential. Their marketing budgets aren’t big enough to do it any other way!

In 2017 we also saw clients looking for expertise on how to get conversations started with prospects. They were wondering, how can we help sales by driving more business leads and requests for proposals? We don’t see that changing in 2018 either. These 2 goals were in the greatest demand in 2017, and we know they will be in 2018. These two objectives are the Holy Grail of what small-to-medium-sized businesses need to grow today.

Were there other learnings from 2017?

We learned that the only way to help clients deliver on these goals was to work in partnership with them. You need to get in and understand their business and they need to hear how your thinking and implementation will make a difference. If you’re not working together these sales-driving goals cannot be reached. The thinking is that important.

If you need a marketing partner committed to driving sales give us a call.