Could your business use some staging?

One of my dream professions is to be a Home Stager. A stager helps people who are selling their home to present it to potential buyers in the most attractive manner possible, to increase its’ sale-ability. They start by consulting with the homeowner to assess needs. They will do a walk-through to determine where things are and what needs to be done. Then, they will research and map out a plan in order to accomplish the homeowner’s goals. What furniture would best fit the style of the house? What fabrics will create the feel they are going for? What decorations will give the finishing touches? Finally, they execute the plan – they furnish, decorate, sometimes even bake cookies…adding sights, smells, and atmosphere needed in order to show that this home is the perfect fit for potential buyers.

In essence, this is what NK&A does. We take businesses that are already excellent, but are lacking that edge or advantage they are looking for, and we “furnish” them with the tools they need to achieve ultimate success. We evaluate and gather information to determine where the business is, then map out a strategy to accomplish their goals. We then help to execute the plan, and give them all the tools needed to move forward with confidence toward a successful future. Ultimately, we help potential customers to realize that this business is the perfect fit – maybe it was there all along, but they never noticed it before.

Could your business use some “staging?” Give us a call!