Communicating care

Last week I went to two different big box stores. Let’s call them “Wallmarket” & “Bullseye”. First I went to Wallmarket. There were signs posted that expressed that they care about their customer’s safety. But the carts were not cleaned, they were stacked as they normally are with no store personnel there to inspect the carts or direct customers. The sanitizing wipes receptacle was empty, and there were discarded wipes on the floor.

By contrast, when I went to Bullseye it had a whole different feeling. One entrance door was blocked off. At the open entrance an employee in a mask greeted me and offered a freshly sanitized and cleaned cart. The store had one-way signs on the isles creating a calm order. When I went through self-checkout, there was another masked employee asking me to wait so that the station could be cleaned before I used it.

What I felt – Bullseye greatly cares about my safety and health! Wallmarket, not so much.

Guess where I’ll be doing all of my shopping from now on?