If not now, when?

It is not only businesses places and people who have brands but also causes. And sometime what starts out as a powerful mantra, or descriptor for a cause gets turned and twisted (usually by opponents) to mean the opposite of its intent or the word becomes tainted. In her recent speech to the United Nations, Emma Watson, talks about the word “feminism” and how its current meaning has worked against its original goals. She has lent her persona and aligned the word “feminism” with “freedom” to reinvigorate and reframe the meaning of the word. We applaud and support her efforts to launch the He-for-She Movement. She makes a compelling case for both men and women to support the advancement of equal rights, outlines the impact of no action and creates an easy frame of reference to incite action “If not me, who? If not now, when?” We can all take action to advance equality and bring the original intent of feminism back – to open up opportunities for women and for men, too.