Avoiding “Blursday”

Ever been late for or even missed a meeting because you didn’t realize what day it was? Ever been grateful the weekend is only 2 days away, only to realize that it’s not Thursday, it’s Tuesday? Have you arrived at the weekend, only to realize that your weekends are pretty much like all the other days of the week?

If so, you have been victim to “Blursday”.

One of the unfortunate side effects of COVID-19 and the #WFH life is that each day often feels very much like the one before.

Before COVID-19, what distinguished one day from another? Most likely, for you it was different activities that always happened on a certain day. Your days were defined by a routine. Now that the routine has been disrupted, it’s harder to remember what day it is.

The solution? Find new routines.

This is the fun part. Establish routines for each day of the week. We suggest 2 guidelines when setting these routines:

  1. Make it something you can look forward to
  2. Start the day with the routine

I’ll share my new anti-Blursday routine:

  • Monday: Planning! I will map out the week and what I want to accomplish each day
  • Tuesday: Yoga. I will start the day with some intentional stretching and mindfulness.
  • Wednesday: Music. I will spend 10 minutes listening to uplifting music. Dancing is optional.
  • Thursday: Take a walk. It can be short, but the goal is to identify one thing I’ve never noticed before.
  • Friday: Call a friend. Doesn’t matter who, I will just pick up the phone for a quick chat before work.
  • Saturday: Sleep in. This is the one day of the week I will allow myself this indulgence.
  • Sunday: Gratitude journal. I will write down 3 things I am grateful for.

Or, we have heard that this works as well: