Are we approaching  the new normal?

I’m a person who prefers no drama in her life.  I like excitement, I like trying new things, I’m always up for an adventure, but drama – no thanks. So, when I’m asked “what’s new?” I’m secretly happy when I can say “not much!”

But for the last year we have not been asking each other what’s new, cause there was WAY TOO much new. Instead our opener questions were more empathetic: “How are you holding up?” “Is everyone on in your family doing ok?”  “How are you feeling?”

In the recent weeks I’ve notice a change. People ask: “What’s going on?”  “What’s up?” “Have you gotten vaccinated yet?” “What did you do this weekend?” and I even got a “What’s new?”

All of these benign questions have me excited.  Are we approaching the “new normal” everyone has been anticipating?