5 rules to building a better brand in social media

Be it a business, a country, your home town or your own personal brand an honest approach to branding applies – your communications in social media is no exception. Here are 5 golden rules that will help you build a strong brand in social media.

  1. As with all initiatives you need clear goals – make sure you set them for social media. Businesses often seek increased numbers of “likes” or “follows”. To use social effectively, you need to move people to higher levels of engagement. “Likes” and “follows” require little action and commitment. Building a stronger bond with your audience requires more focus and more effort but it also brings greater rewards.
  2. Social media is just that “social.” Similar to a conversation you have at your local Starbucks, you need to show your audience you care about them; ask questions, ask for opinions and share ideas. This allows you to build trust. If you only speak of yourself or go right into selling, your ability to build a relationship is hindered, regardless of the venue.
  3. Your brand voice needs to be consistent. Whether talking on the phone, in person, in copy or postings online, your voice needs to reflect your defined brand persona. Just like that meeting at Starbucks make it social and build trust before selling.
  4. There’s a lot of socializing going on – keep it simple if you want to be heard. In social networks you need to determine what content is most meaningful in conveying your brand. Posting whatever comes to mind but is not likely to deliver on the strategic goals we mentioned earlier, is not good. Keep it simple. Post only what fortifies your brand and strengthens your relationship with your coveted audience.
  5. Post useful information. Develop content that recipients want to share with others and that makes them feel good about sharing it. Write with passion; be it in the form of stories, or compelling facts and figures, or with levity – whatever fortifies your brand persona and creates memorability.