3 things to consider before you create a social presence

Small businesses have a lot on their plate and it is easy to become overwhelmed at all the marketing avenues you could pursue. We are asked most often about Social Media. Just because social media is a buzzword, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right avenue to invest your time. Here are 3 things to consider before launching into social media:

  1. Your target audience – Not all people are using social media, and those that are may only be using one or two platforms. Ask your preferred clients where they spend most of their time online and how they make purchasing decisions. Make a list of 10 ideal companies you would like as a client, then search LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google + . Do they have an active presence in social media?
  2. Your time – The key to a successful social media is the creation of relevant content presented consistently over time.  We often hear “I’ll hire someone right out of college to do it. They know social media.”  But remember, they have to know your subject matter well enough to write engaging and relevant insights, present the content in alignment with your brand tone and be able to reply and engage in conversation with your clients and prospects. Identifying the right resources to manage social media is critical and giving them enough time to plan, create, post and engage is the key to your success.
  3. Your content – You are an expert on your business and have deep insights to share.  But in social media you have to be able to come up with regular insights that are short and sweet and easy to digest.  Before launching a social media campaign we suggest making a list the ideas you want to share.  If you can easily come up with 52 topics you could share, then you will have plenty of content.