Helping you achieve marketing success: 4 approaches to strategy implementation

Simply stated, “Implementation” is the process that turns marketing plans into action. A marketing strategy is only as brilliant as its execution. And, you have several options when determining what kind of approach you would like to take with your implementation. Here are the top 4:

  1. Command approach:
    • Strategies are determined and outlined by top-level administrators and forced down to the lower levels for implementation. This approach makes decision-making easier, but it can be difficult to get buy-in from lower-level individuals.
  2. Change approach:
    • The organization is modified to ensure the successful implementation of the strategy. Similar to “Command,” the “Change” approach can make decision-making easier, but it can be time-consuming
  3. Consensus approach:
    • Top-level and lower-level managers work together to formulate and develop strategies. This approach increases buy-in, but can take more time and requires more communication.
  4. Cultural approach:
    • Invites all levels of the organization to assist in the strategy creation, and implementation. This approach greatly increases team buy-in, and employees enjoy some flexibility.